Re: GIR-based vala bindings

There is something wrong in the libchamplain-0.10 tarball.
I tried to compile it with --disable-debug --disable-static
--enable-vala configure switches on a clean system. I was using
vala-0.12 (released yesterday).
The generated vapi are not usable.
Could someone try (maybe with a different version of vala) to compile
libchamplain with the same configure switches?
About vala, yesterday I talked with the developer who make me know about
gir based vapi generation, he said that the feature was just present in
vapigen, but he improved it. His changes should be avaiable starting the
next vala release (0.13) as they were merged in master after tag.
Tonight I'll try to make the vapi with vala from master.


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