Re: Get mouse clicks on the map

2010/1/10 Pierre-Luc Beaudoin <pierre-luc pierlux com>
Right, I've been investigating this all afternoon.  First, my version or
launcher-gtk was working because I used button-press-event instead of

Second, using ChamplainSelectionLayer eats mouse clicks (in the unselect
all process when you click on the map to unselect markers).  I will
change this behavior in 0.4.3 so that it will only eat the click for
mouse button 1 and if it did unselect any markers.

There is a bug which I can't figure out: the button-press-event for
button 1 (only!) is not emitted until the mouse is moved.

It'll make the 0.4.3 release in the next minutes.
I've just built 0.4.3 from it's git branch and I can confirm launcher-gtk.c is now working for me with the exception of the issue you highlight above about the event not being emitted until mouse move.



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