Get mouse clicks on the map

I've been tinkering with the launcher-gtk.c program in the demos, and I was trying to add the abilty to catch mouse clicks on the map and print them to the console (with the ultimate aim of creating a marker or popup menu on a mouse click).

I tried to use the ClutterActor signal button-pressed-event on the ChamplainView, from main():

widget = gtk_champlain_embed_new ();
view = gtk_champlain_embed_get_view (GTK_CHAMPLAIN_EMBED (widget));
g_signal_connect (view, "button-press-event", G_CALLBACK (mouse_click_cb), view);

and added the callback to catch these events:

mouse_click_cb (ClutterActor *actor, ClutterEvent *event, gpointer data)
    gdouble lat, lon;

    champlain_view_get_coords_from_event (CHAMPLAIN_VIEW (data), event, &lat, &lon);

    g_print ("Mouse click at: %f %f\n", lat, lon);

    return TRUE;

Can anyone provide me with some pointers?



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