Re: [jokosher-devel] The road to 1.0

I still have the design I made prior to 0.1 release (that Jono used
some aspects of, for the current one).

I dug up the art etc yesterday a did a small update. The menu and some
other stuff is b0rked, but it'd be easy to fix that, if we'd want a
new look to begin with.

check it out here: (links etc don't work, its just to
get an idea).

On 11/25/06, Stuart Langridge <sil kryogenix org> wrote:
On 11/25/06, Panos Laganakos <panos laganakos gmail com> wrote:
> Having a new website look for 1.0 should be considered at all?

Don't like the existing one, then? :)

If someone comes up with a design we can all talk about whether we'd
like to change, certainly, but if there's no alternative design then
I'd be happy to stick with the existing. Are you thinking of putting
together some mockups of a redesign?


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Panos Laganakos

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