Re: [jokosher-devel] The road to 1.0

If we're looking to freeze in February then that only leaves a coiuple of
months or so and so the list of new features has to be necessarily small.
There are a couple of things in particular that are lacking and would be
very handy.

 * Normalisation (or normalization?) either for an event within an
instrument (for that unintentially quiet interview) or for the whole
instrument (so the intentionally quiet section stays quiet). More
importantly normalisation on output. As you add more instruments then the
whole becomes louder and you get distortion on mixdown. At the minute you
can only playback and adjust the instrument levels manually until the output
mix goes less red. (The master volume turns the sound down but the wave
peaks still look to get chopped.) We ought to do be able to do this in the

 * Quality setting on mixdown. At the minute it all defaults but we surely
need different settings for compressed output for differing needs e.g. a
music track and a podcast would need completely different settings. Talking
of podcasts the ability to publish your mixed project direct to your rss
feed would be a nice feature (or possibly an extension).
John Green

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