Re: GNU gettext for hildon?

Appreciate the pointers here. I do now understand how domains are set generally in code and for specific gettext calls.

I still have a general question for Hildon folks:

The suggestion was made in a different thread that we use the provided English translations as a basis for further translation into different languages to overcome the issue of non-English strings in code. But, I am having trouble finding the complete set of English translations. Can someone on the Hildon list help me find them? (in whatever form they take, be it one or more template files, or one or more po files, or even, as a last resort, the referred to UI spec that, I gather, maps the code strings to meaningful descriptions.)

Or, put more generally, can the Hildon list folks provide specific suggestions for accomplishing translation of Hildon in the near term?


On Feb 27, 2008, at 12:10 PM, Loïc Minier wrote:

On Mon, Feb 25, 2008, Kyle Nitzsche wrote:
If I look in the module directories at, I get:

* hildon-desktop has a po/ dir, but no en-GB.po file

hildon-desktop sets GETTEXT_PACKAGE / calls textdomain() with
"maemo-af-desktop"; the maemo-af-desktop module has a po/en_GB.po.

* hail has a po/ dir but no en_GB.po file.

No idea about that one, it doesn't bind to any message domain and sets
GETTEXT_PACKAGE to hail; it has a very small amount of strings though.

Loïc Minier
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