GNU gettext for hildon?


It appears that Hildon does not use standard GNU gettext.

The strings in code that are destined for exposure in the user interface are not meaningful English, which I believe they should be in order to facilitate/enable translation.

Consider these strings, obtained by grepping for "_(" in hildon-desktop:

hd-applications-menu.c:#define MENU_ITEM_EMPTY_SUBMENU_STRING _("tana_li_of_noapps") hd-home-background-dialog.c:#define HILDON_HOME_FILE_CHOOSER_TITLE _("home_ti_select_image") hd-home-background-dialog.c:#define HILDON_HOME_FILE_CHOOSER_SELECT _("home_bd_select_image") hd-home-background-dialog.c:#define HILDON_HOME_FILE_CHOOSER_EMPTY _("home_li_no_images")

One implication of this is that Hildon cannot be readily translated in systems where the strings in code are displayed as the basis for translations, like

I also notice that the Hildon packages do not appear to be set up for intltool (hildon-desktop, at least, has no po/ file, required, I believe, by intltool. lists files with exposed strings for intltool.)


1) Should Hildon be modified to implement GNU gettext i81n?

2) Is the only change required fixing the strings to be meaningful English or are there other non-standard aspects?

3) Should Hildon packages be set up for intltool as a further step towards standardized i18n?


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