Set current folder on HildonFileSelection misbehaviour

Hi all,

I have a dialog which is used to select any folder from the file
system, developed using HildonFileSystemModel and HildonFileSelection.

I'm trying to set a default folder for this dialog, using
"hildon_file_selection_set_current_folder" method, but if the folder's
name (parameter "path") have 2 or more sub levels, the folder isn't
selected, setting the user home instead - just as if the method wasn't

When the desired folder is a level under the user home folder, it's
selected correctly.

I've tried to use "hildon_file_selection_select_path" function, but
also failed to select the desired folder.

Just for the record, I'm using Hildon on Nokia's OS 2008 (Maemo) and
the folder selection dialog content pane is hidden

Has someone been on this same problem? Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your time.

Fabio Thomaz.

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