Re: hildon-desktop patches from Ubuntu Mobile and Moblin

Hi Tollef,

Em Qua, 2008-02-27 às 08:27 +0100, ext Tollef Fog Heen escreveu:
> * Lucas Rocha 
> | Why would you want a titlebar without the menu, for example? This is a
> | good candidate for a new key in desktop.conf called "X-Titlebar=[0|1]"
> | for Home container. No need to gconf for that.
> Could we please get rid of the completely unnecessary X- prefix at
> least for new keys?  I understand they are there for legacy keys, but
> it would be nice to migrate away from them.

Good point. Let's see if I have some time this or next week to work on

Patches are welcome! :-P


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