Re: Bugs? [Re: Guppi 0.34.5 released]

On Thu, May 04, 2000 at 07:15:45PM +0100, Neil J Pilgrim wrote:
> Is there an /etc/gnome directory (or similar) ? This would hold general
> settings, and a user could specify extra/alternative plug-in directories
> in their own .guppirc.

Guppi follows the gnome conventions in this matter.

Architecture-independent files (like images and glade files) go under

Architecture-dependent files, like plug-ins, go under

This discussion has motivated to me make two (simple) changes to

(1) I'll add a way to adjust the Guppi search paths from the
    .guppirc file.  That you can't do this already is an oversight on
    my part.

(2) If guppi failed to load any plug-ins on start-up, it should
    terminate with some sort of helpful message.  Since all
    functionality resides in plug-ins, there is no point in going on
    at that point.


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