Re: Bugs? [Re: Guppi 0.34.5 released]

On Wed, May 03, 2000 at 08:52:31PM +0100, Neil J Pilgrim wrote:
> Well I don't get any of the "Loaded plug-in" lines, so that is the
> problem. Now to the solution! I'm using LD_LIBRARY_PATH as
> PREFIX/lib/guppi/plug-ins/0.34.5:PREFIX/lib
> where prefix is my 'here' directory (substituted to make the above
> simpler). The first bit was only included just now, but seems to have
> made no difference :(

For loading plug-ins, LD_LIBRARY_PATH doesn't matter.  You can,
however, set GUPPI_PLUGIN_PATH.

By default, Guppi searches for plug-ins in:
1) ../../plug-ins  (This is for convenience during developing, since it
   will do the right thing when not installed if guppi is run from 
   inside of src/guppi)
2) The environment variable GUPPI_PLUGIN_PATH
3) From the directories specified in the C preprocessor variable
   GUPPI_PLUGIN_DIR.  This should be PREFIX/share/guppi/plug-ins/VERSION.
   (I think I got this wrong in a previous e-mail.)  You can grep for it 
   in the Makefile in src/libguppiuseful to be sure.

So if it doesn't work when you set GUPPI_PLUGIN_PATH, cd into
src/guppi and run from there.  If *that* doesn't work, maybe your
plug-ins didn't build properly after all...

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