Re: Bugs? [Re: Guppi 0.34.5 released]

Jon Trowbridge wrote:
> On Wed, May 03, 2000 at 08:05:42PM +0100, Neil J Pilgrim wrote:
> > Just got the tarball. It built fine, and I installed it with a
> > --prefix=${PWD}/here. However the following occurs`:
> <bad error messages omitted>
> Hmm... it looks like you aren't finding the plug-ins (which go into
> PREFIX/lib/guppi/plug-ins/VERSION_NUMBER), and all hell is
> subsequently breaking loose.
> libguppiuseful-Message: Loading Plug-Ins
> libguppiuseful-Message: Loaded plug-in: Delimited Text Importer
> libguppiuseful-Message: Loaded plug-in: Axis
> libguppiuseful-Message: Loaded plug-in: Box Plot
> libguppiuseful-Message: Loaded plug-in: Graph Paper
> libguppiuseful-Message: Loaded plug-in: Sample Plug-In
> libguppiuseful-Message: Loaded plug-in: Simple Linear Regression
> libguppiuseful-Message: Loaded plug-in: Scatter Plot
> libguppiuseful-Message: Building Main Guppi Window
> libguppiuseful-Message: Loading .guppirc
> libguppiuseful-Message: Visit us at
> If you didn't get those "Loaded plug-in" lines, or got errors at this
> point, this is the problem.

Well I don't get any of the "Loaded plug-in" lines, so that is the
problem. Now to the solution! I'm using LD_LIBRARY_PATH as


where prefix is my 'here' directory (substituted to make the above
simpler). The first bit was only included just now, but seems to have
made no difference :(

<snip possible other problem>
> Try doing
> % ldd here/bin/guppi | fgrep guppi
> and confirm that the guppi-related shared libs that are being used are
> the ones you just built.

They are indeed :) Now if I can just get the plug-ins...!

BTW I have no 'bonobo' loaded either (with warning in build), but I
presume this shouldn't be a problem ?


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