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On 03/06/2011 07:50 PM, Mustafa Qasim wrote:

Well, thanks. Yes, I am updating the page. Can you please refer to some formal guidelines to initialize a county community. I am interested to setup GNOME Pakistan community and arrange activities with direct link to GNOME upstream especially regarding localization.
Hi Mustafa,

Thank you for expressing an interest in setting up a GNOME Pakistan Community. It's nice to see you so passionate about GNOME!

You can find a lot of useful information about how to start and run a local GNOME community at

Besides, the gugmasters mailing list [1] and GNOME.Asia groups [2] are the right places for you to contact, please do subscribe to the two mailing lists and we can further discuss!

Gugmasters mailing list is for a place for people who are interested to build a local GNOME user groups to discuss.

While GNOME.Asia Group aimed at growing the GNOME community in Asia. I am a core member of this group. We have members from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, etc. it would be nice if we can have representatives from Pakistan as well! We have been also helping local communities to start and grow their GNOME communities, we can definitely put you in touch with other Asian Gugs (GNOME User Groups). Besides, we are hosting our forth Summit in India early April, please find more information in our site.


Please also note that The GNOME Foundation has official User's Groups sign the "Trademark Agreement for Users Groups" which you can find here:

So, please send board gnome org a signed copy of the form if you find it agreeable.

Regarding Localization:
Please go to the translation page [1] to find more information on how to contribute. Eventhough Urdu is already available, but more help is always good! You can definitely help to complete the translation. Please contact and join the existing team [2].


There are indeed too much information to give regarding this topic and we are all excited to see you joining us!

- Pockey

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