Re: [gugmasters] Community Domain

On Mon, Mar 7, 2011 at 2:48 AM, Brian Cameron <brian cameron oracle com> wrote:


How do we proceed to request for a community domain
<> to setup our point of contact on web?

Domains that use "gnome" and that relate to the GNOME Desktop should
be owned and managed by The GNOME Foundation.  The GNOME Foundation
already manages websites for many GNOME subgroups, user's groups,

I would send an email to gnome-sysadmin gnome org as described on this

I am sure they can help you figure out how to setup the site you need.



Thanks, It's just perfect if GNOME do own and host the stuff for local communities. I would like to proceed in the suggested way.

Mustafa Qasim

mustu linux com

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