Re: [guadec-list] anti-harassment policy

First of all, I'm pretty sure nobody in this discussion said there
should be no policy *at all*. There seems to be a misunderstanding
that this discussion is between those "for a policy" vs "those against
any form of policy" and it is not. Maybe those advocating a strong
policy could use a moment to think about it, maybe they'd see we're
not their enemies. As someone said elsewhere, "my heart sank a bit for
every email in the discussion" where people assumed we're not better
than that.

We said we'd comply with the decision, so the code of conduct will be
published. I don't think insisting on the fact that we're bad people
serves any purpose.

On Mon, Jul 14, 2014 at 4:12 PM, Matthew Garrett <mjg59 srcf ucam org> wrote:
It's certainly
possible for a conference to be successful without a strong CoC. It's
absolutely possible for the vast majority of attendees to have a good

Here you're implying that having a soft code, however clear it is,
doesn't work when it comes to enforcement. I think that's the main
point we disagree on. I don't see how to fix this disagreement.

There are many documented cases of harassment occurring. How many
documented cases of people being unjustly restricted by a CoC have there
been? If it's equally difficult to talk about both (which strikes me as
unlikely - discussing harassment at conferences tends to get you
sexualised slurs and threats of violence, discussing restrictions on
freedom of speech tends to get you praise), that still seems like an
argument that more people are affected by harassment than are affected
by CoCs.

It took years before the people advocating strong policies got to the
point where they are now. I'd expect it will take time before the
people that feel oppressed get to a similar point, if they ever decide
to organize themselves in a similar fashion. But that will most
probably never happen as the latter group wouldn't want to harass
people (from the former group, or not) by insisting with their point
of view.

Alexandre Franke

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