Re: [guadec-list] Draft Talk Schedule


On Thu, Jul 3, 2014 at 9:14 PM, Marina Zhurakhinskaya
<marinazik gmail com> wrote:
I would like to host a newcomers workshop on the first day of the
conference - to orient the newcomers to the GNOME community, help
people with other systems set up a virtual environment with GNOME, and
help people learn the process of contributing to GNOME (filing a bug,
making a patch). I've sent in a proposal for this workshop, and didn't
hear back one way or another about it. Is there a third room that can
be used for such a workshop? In that case, I'd like to propose doing
it as a third option 13:30-15:15 on Saturday.

For the moment we don't have the required extra room. I'll let you
know if that changes.

Alexandre Franke

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