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On 25 Feb 2006, at 11:28, John Hwang wrote:


What dimensions is your browse window? I did target 1024x768, given that most peopel have at least 1024x768 monitors... It's been a while since manufacturers stopped shipping 800x600 as default... It's trivial to modify the site to fit in a 800x600.

/me measures

The content part of my browser window is usually about 800 wide by 700 high, give or take.

Personally, I'm not sure supporting 800x600 is a good idea, give that the site has to accomodate different preferences of larger font sizes

I'd say that's precisely /why/ you should aim for something that works in smaller windows.... if a user needs to use large fonts, they have more of a chance of still being able to see the whole page if it was designed "smaller" in the first place. (Assuming they have a larger than 800x600 screen, which as you say, most people now do.) Incidentally, that's also why the HIG still suggests that developers design dialogs that will fit into 800x600 when viewed with the default fonts.

and especially different locales which may have longer/larger phrases than English.

All the more reason to have a design that wraps gracefully wherever possible IMHO, rather than resorting to horizontal scrolling, which is always one of the more unpleasant things you can force a user to do (as it's physically more difficult than vertical scrolling).


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