Re: [guadec-list] Working on the official web theme & layout

On 24 Feb 2006, at 08:21, Quim Gil wrote:

Those of you interested in the look & feel, structure and navigation of
the website are invited to test and suggest improvements on tavon's
GUADEC theme, already available.

Post your comments at or
replying here, if you feel so lazy.

Sorry, it's Friday afternoon, and I'm lazy :)

Main problem... others have said it, but it's far too wide. A well- designed web page fits my browser window, not the other way around. I have an adequately-large screen (1280x854), but I normally like to keep my browser window approximately square (and a bit less than the height of the screen), which keeps the line lengths of most pages readably-short. I find anything wider than that to be unpleasant to look at, let alone read. If a website forces me to resize my window, I usually just go somewhere else instead.

My only other comment is about the GNOME logo at the top. It's not aligned with anything, it's not centred, and it's too far away from the GUADEC logo to look as if they're grouped together. It just looks like it's been put there for no particular reason and nobody really knows what to do with it :/

That apart, it's a nice clean theme, and if those things were sorted out it would be pretty good. (How does it do on accessibility?)


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