[guadec-list] URGENT - GUADEC A4 ad

(Sorry for crossposting, maybe we should derive this to marketing-list)

We are in the process of getting the first media partner for GUADEC.
Sorry, can't give detal until it's confirmed. It's a magazine.

They offer us a 1 page ad from now until GUADEC comes. They go to the
print next week for their March edition.

We need an A4 GUADEC ad tiff 300x300 resolution, real size.

Behnam, by default you coordinate this. It would be good to have at
least Andreas input since he been thinking a lot about marketing GNOME
in such scenarios. Other people interested, let's collaborate but let's
get a result for Monday morning.

Then we can work quietly for a v1.1, if needed.

Behnam, can you do this? Sorry for the urgency, just got the email now.

Quim Gil - http://desdeamericaconamor.org

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