Re: GU4DEC - Let's start the discussion now.

El mié, 10-04-2002 a las 13:41, Glynn Foster escribió:

> 	- Decided on next years location

Hello everybody,

	The only thing I want to say in this message is about next year
location. GUADEC (gnome users and developers EUROPEAN conference) has
shown that the people that attend are from (almost) every place of the
world, so, it has no sense to force us to do the conference in an
european place. I think we must consider to do it in whatever place in
the world we can see as a good candidate. So, GUADEC can stand easily
for GNOME Users and DEvelopers Conference. Well, that's all... and that
I am european, and that I live very near to Sevilla ;)

Best regards.


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