Re: GU4DEC - Let's start the discussion now.

	Maybe it would be a good idea to have a GUADEC-org-HOWTO, so that we
can have previous experiences written down. This is moreover interesting
for the "behind the scenes stuff" Glynn points out.



Am Mit, 2002-04-10 um 13.41 schrieb Glynn Foster:
> Hey there,
> A number of us were talking about GU4DEC and the realization that we
> really need to get discussing next years conference early. Jeff came up
> with the idea of forming a GUADEC committee *now* comprised of people
> both in the location that we eventually choose and other GNOMies that
> have had experience with organizing other conferences and others who
> just want to help out...
> So I guess it would be good to discuss the following - 
> 	- Who wants to be on next years committee
> 	- Decided on next years location
> 	- Invite people from that location to be on the committee
> 	- Start organizing exact venues, travel costs, sponsorship etc..
> 	- All the other behind the scenes stuff that I have no clue 
> 	  about
> Should we use this list as a committee list / general discussion or
> create a new one [1]
> Anyway...I guess I'm just trying to stir stuff up so that GUADEC is even
> more kick ass than previous years...
> 				See ya,
> 					Glynn ;)
> [1] ugh, another list.
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