Re: design meeting (was Re: ad for linux magazine)


On Mon, May 17, 2010 at 08:01:52AM +0430, Khalid Amiri wrote:
> This 'll be be great, so those who are not physically there can also
> be an active part of it. And I think we should be starting this as
> soon as we can so we don't end up facing short deadlines.


So you all saw Reinout's mail about the shirt. We'll also need a crew 
shirt in addition. Furthermore, we probably want some additional swag,
with generic gnome branding (not guadec specific) to sell. Also stuff
people can buy for their kids at home (cuddly toys for eg).

Somewhat further along we'll need slides as well as physical banners with
the sponsor logo's on them, that need to be designed. More on that later.



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