Re: Setting custom Glib::Property values in Gtk::Builder .ui XML

That all looks incredible! Thanks so much for putting all that work in - hugely appreciated.

Does "Using derived widgets" in the doc book need updated here too? I didn't see it being amended. Right now it says:

> Of course you won't see the exact appearance and properties of your derived widget in Glade, but you can specify its location and child widgets and the properties of its gtkmm base class

We probably want to add that by manually editing the .ui file, it's now possible to set derived-class properties, albeit of course they are still not available to set/see visually in Glade of course.


I suppose technically this is simply a new feature, which was previously missing. But it might be seen as a big omission in retrospect, as it could plug a real gap in the ability to use custom widgets nicely (for those who prefer declarative properties in .ui to programmatic poking in .cpp).

So, when does a missing feature become so conspicious as to perhaps qualify as a bug? I'll let you decide. :-)

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