Re: Setting custom Glib::Property values in Gtk::Builder .ui XML

A related question here is: How can we ensure the derived type is registered with GObject before GtkBuilder would need it? Will a simple g_type_ensure( g_type_from_name("gtkmm__Custom_Whatever") ) work? I imagine not, as the GObject class won't exist until C++ constructs the first instance, right? Then it would seem we must instead create a dummy C++ instance (and ensure it isn't optimised out) before trying anything that would require GObject to know about it...

Excuse me if these are basic questions, but I've only just started thinking about non-trivial subclassing in glibmm/gtkmm. Previously I've either used composition or done trivial subclassing (no extra properties, etc.). So, while I'm relatively comfortable with how GObject registers classes and their features, I'm still figuring out how glibmm layers on top of that!

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