Re: Setting custom Glib::Property values in Gtk::Builder .ui XML

On 6/15/19 11:57 AM, Daniel Boles via gtkmm-list wrote:
Thanks for testing it anyway!

I wondered also if one could register properties in ExtraClassInit, but delay applying until them wrapping with wrap_new()*, i.e. have C++ actually reflect whatever values were set... but that seems like it might be too much work, even if possible.

( * if I understood its purpose right, which I might not have )

I have updated Glib::Property in the master branch. I've also added a description how to combine Glib::Property with Gtk::Builder. Description is added both to Glib::Property and Gtk::Builder. And the example program at gtkmm-documentation/examples/book/builder/derived now contains a DerivedButton that contains two Glib::Property members.

This fix can be added to a stable glibmm 2.62, when such a version is created. There is no new ABI or API. If it's considered a bug fix, it would be possible to add it to the glibmm-2-60 branch. But is it really a bug fix or a new feature?

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