Re: why not usring + ustring = ustring like QT?

We use Gtkmm at my shop on windows as part of a fairly massive tool (industrial automation) configuration app that must run on both windows as well as Linux, so Gtkmm makes porting the GUI portions less painful.

But to be honest, if we didn't require the app on Linux as well, we'd probably just leave it on windows. Simple economics. Although I much prefer sigc++ to the system message pump windows uses.

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On ב', 2014-01-27 at 17:24 +0100, Giuseppe Penone wrote:
> Hi, I wonder why we cannot add the support for operator + like in QString,
> it is so
> incredible useful.

Murray answered that.

> One more thing, after a request I spent time to create the windows gtkmm
> binaries based on official 3.6.4 bundle and provided a link to my
> successful work but then I received no feedback, did I just waste my time?
> Well if the (only) effort to create gtkmm binaries is ignored, even if
> coming from a donkey, I don't see much future for gtkmm.

I do think some people here use gtkmm on Window$, judging by the mail
sent to the various mailing lists regarding Window$ builds.

But I mus say this has nothing to do with the future of gtkmm. Many
people use gtkmm on GNU/Linux and they can use it a lot even if the
usage on Window$ dies. For example, I use gtkmm for all my desktop GUIs
written in C++, and I'm not planning to stop using it, but I don't use
Window$ at all so I'm not interested in the Window$ build.

I'm not a windows fan too but I think that being able to use the same code/libraries
on different operative systems is an incredible advantage.
Anyway, I hope you get the feedback you expect. And thanks for writing
CherryTree, by the way! I used to use it a lot.

I'm always so happy to hear somebody using it, thank you :)
You see also in cherrytree it is very very important that it is
available also on windows to have the generated document readable also there.

> Regards,
> Giuseppe.

-- fr33

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