Re: why not usring + ustring = ustring like QT?


On ב', 2014-01-27 at 17:24 +0100, Giuseppe Penone wrote:
Hi, I wonder why we cannot add the support for operator + like in QString,
it is so
incredible useful.

Murray answered that.

One more thing, after a request I spent time to create the windows gtkmm
binaries based on official 3.6.4 bundle and provided a link to my
successful work but then I received no feedback, did I just waste my time?
Well if the (only) effort to create gtkmm binaries is ignored, even if
coming from a donkey, I don't see much future for gtkmm.

I do think some people here use gtkmm on Window$, judging by the mail
sent to the various mailing lists regarding Window$ builds.

But I mus say this has nothing to do with the future of gtkmm. Many
people use gtkmm on GNU/Linux and they can use it a lot even if the
usage on Window$ dies. For example, I use gtkmm for all my desktop GUIs
written in C++, and I'm not planning to stop using it, but I don't use
Window$ at all so I'm not interested in the Window$ build.

Anyway, I hope you get the feedback you expect. And thanks for writing
CherryTree, by the way! I used to use it a lot.


-- fr33

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