Re: GTKmm for Win??

Hi Martin,

2012/2/23 Martin Brodbeck <martin brodbeck-online de>
Hi Frederico,

Am Mittwoch, den 22.02.2012, 13:38 -0800 schrieb Frederico:
> > Well, in the meantime I was successful starting the application on
> > Windows. It looks somehow ugly, but I think there are still some config
> > files missing on which some dlls rely on.
> Any progress?

The GUI still looks ugly. I still don't know if/how it is possible to
improve this. Here you can see a screenshot:

In the meantime I tried to compile GTK3 with MSVC, but so far without
luck. This seems to be rarely documented. And I can't put in too much

Check this:
I use it as starting point.


Juan Ángel Moreno Fernández
  Proyecto Gelide

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