Re: Static linking on Windows; font problems

On Thu, 2007-11-08 at 15:54 -0500, Bruce Sherwood wrote:
> Thanks. Stripping most of the dll's for my Windows application brought 
> the module size from 42 MB down to 18 MB (a lot worse than 4 MB, but 
> still...)
> My next problem is with fonts. I get an error message "No fonts found" 
> and an invitation to edit /etc/fonts/fonts.conf. I tried 
> <dir>c:\WINDOWS\Fonts</dir> (Windows syntax) and 
> <dir>/c/WINDOWS/Fonts</dir> (Msys syntax) to no avail. Is there someone 
> on this list who has built Windows applications who can give me a clue 
> what the issue is? Thanks.

as was mentioned in an earlier post in this thread, you need Pango
configuration files present and in the location where Pango will look
for them.

i've been through this on OS X; i don't have advice to offer you for

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