Re: RecentChooserDialog

Finally, I hope to submit InfoBar patches this weekend.

I haven't looked at it in detail, but it appears that GtkInfoBar's API is
identical to that of GtkDialog.  If that turns out to be true, you can
extend the existing Gtk3::Dialog overrides to cover Gtk3::InfoBar by adding
a loop around them like this:

  foreach my $dialog_package (qw/Dialog InfoBar/) {
    *{'Gtk3::' . $dialog_package . '::new'} = sub { ... }

You might need to insert "no strict 'refs'" to make this work.


Just a few questions with the InfoBar stuff:

1. The only ones I did not write in the format above for
Dialog/InfoBar are "new" and "new_with_buttons".  When you combine
those, it looks like a train wreck - much more readable with those two
separate and in the same manner as Dialog.  How does that sound?  I
don't mind changing it, but I always prefer readability.
2. I actually figured out adding '::_gtk3_perl_response_converter' to
InfoBar by myself.  No question here; just pointing it out.
3. The copyright years show 2003-2012.  Did you want to update that to 2013?

Otherwise, everything seems to work just fine.  I also ran the test
file for Gtk3::Dialog as well to ensure I didn't mess it up in the
process - good to go.

Dave M

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