Re: RecentChooserDialog

On 15.01.2013 23:27, Dave M wrote:
Here it is, completely working and properly formatted.  Note that I
changed the test file to match the Gtk3 test formatting, which differs
from Gtk2 test formatting (e.g., single vs double quotes, different
cuddling, etc).  I'm not sure if I did the chaining format properly
$chooser-> get_action_area-> get_children();

Many Gtk2 tests use the formatting I used to prefer back when they were written, hence they look a littleâ different. Note that in a separate file, you can use whatever coding style you like; but when you add code to an existing file you should follow the style of the surrounding code.

For chaining, you can simply use


I committed your changes, with two small tweaks to the test file to correct what looks like some left-over debugging stuff.

Finally, I hope to submit InfoBar patches this weekend.

I haven't looked at it in detail, but it appears that GtkInfoBar's API is identical to that of GtkDialog. If that turns out to be true, you can extend the existing Gtk3::Dialog overrides to cover Gtk3::InfoBar by adding a loop around them like this:

  foreach my $dialog_package (qw/Dialog InfoBar/) {
    *{'Gtk3::' . $dialog_package . '::new'} = sub { ... }

You might need to insert "no strict 'refs'" to make this work.

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