Re: GStreamer buffer memory pointer

On 27.09.2012 14:48, vividsnow wrote:
Also there are warnings in this code
*** GPerl asked to invoke callback from a foreign thread; handing it
over to the main loop
What I'm doing wrong? or how can I setup callback on each new frame?

You're not doing anything wrong. The warning occurs because the "new-buffer" signal handler is invoked by libgstreamer from a foreign thread, i.e. one with no Perl runtime associated with it. Since the Perl interpreter is not thread-safe, we cannot allow this foreign thread to invoke a Perl callback. As of a few versions ago, perl-Glib therefore tries to hand the invocation over to the main thread. I still consider this technique somewhat experimental (it can lead to deadlocks, for example), hence the warning.

it seems that there is no perl bindings for

Zach Morgan wrote bindings for this: <>. But it looks like they never made it onto CPAN. Zach?

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