Re: ExtUtils::PkgConfig test failures on OpenBSD

On 09.12.2012 22:30, Brian Manning wrote:
The OpenBSD devs accepted my one-liner patch[1].

OpenBSD releases every 6 months, the last release was on November 1st,
so next release will be May 1st, 2013.

Given the info about the next release, is the noise (test failed
notices from cpantesters) acceptable to people until the next release
of OpenBSD, or do you want a quick release of EU::PC with SKIP blocks
on OpenBSD for the max-version tests, and then do another release of
EU::PC in May after the next OpenBSD release has been verified on

Could you use the version number of the pkg-config replacement to check whether the tests should be skipped? Then the SKIP block wouldn't have to be removed later. That's how, say, Gtk2 handles newer gtk+ versions.

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