Re: ExtUtils::PkgConfig test failures on OpenBSD

On 08.12.2012 00:49, Brian Manning wrote:
I had some tuits last night and dug into the problem.  You know that
old joke that about your job being replaced with a Perl script?  Well,
on OpenBSD, the pkg-config binary from [2] actually
has been replaced with a Perl script [3].  The OpenBSD Perl script
rewrite of the pkg-config binary is not honoring the --max-version
command line switch, which causes one of the tests for this switch in
ExtUtils::PkgConfig to fail.

I had often wondered what these failures were about. Nice work tracking the problem down!

My question here is, is the noise from this test worth adding a SKIP
case for the tests in ExtUtils::PkgConfig on OpenBSD, or can we/should
we just ignore the test failures until it's fixed upstream?

I agree with muppet here: if it's easy to do, we should skip the test.

Also, a word of warning in the docs about --max-version on OpenBSD would be nice.

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