RE: Compiling Glib 1.223 on win xp

Thanks for the comments.

I wanted to compile perl bindind for Glib and friends to have a recent Gtk2-perl, but I give up... 

I tried camelbox but without installing the core perl which was needed with it, and that was not working 
either with my perl 5.8.9 from ActiveState.

I'm reluctant to have two perl versions installed, it's not very elegant at least, and even in twisting the 
path when using the gtk2 in a script, I prefer to keep the binaries I have found for ActiveState.

The questions will come again when I upgrade and possibly move to another perl distribution.


At this point I have to ask why you're not using Camelbox.  All this
work is done for you already, you just have to run the installer and
let it do it's magick.  It looks like the only downside to running
Camelbox for you would be the fact that you have different versions of
Perl and GTK installed and listed in your %PATH environment variable,
and you would need to clean up your %PATH (remove any GTK and Perl
paths not related to Camelbox) prior to trying to use Camelbox.  This
could be done quite easily by using a DOS batch file, and you would
not need to make any systemwide changes.



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