Re: Japanese input into Text Entry field

On 7 May 2010 13:32, Brian Manning <elspicyjack gmail com> wrote:
On Thu, May 6, 2010 at 2:05 PM, Peter Dennis
<peter edwin dennis gmail com> wrote:
I'm not actually reading the data from a filehandle or any other
source.  I'm typing it directly into my app after installing support
for Japanese on WinXP.

I don't really have a Windows box handy right this second to work this
out.  I would suggest going up on the GTK mailing lists and see if
anyone there has hit similar problems.

Thanks. I'll ask around.

Are there fonts specific to Gtk that I need to install?

If you think it's a font issue, why not try switching fonts in Pango
to a font that you know works, and then seeing if your glyph renders.

The font thing was a bit of a stab in the dark.  Thought I would ask
here before I chased my own tail trying to find a a font.  Really have
no idea whether or not it is a font issue and don't know a font that
"works".  Will ask the GTK mailing list though and see if anyone else
has experienced something similar.  Then try some random font changes.

Thanks for your help.


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