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Where does the $user_data (scalar) part of the method come into play?
Is it possible to get an extended example that shows how this is used?

Is this data within the ListStore or some other data passed to the method? How does the method act on this data?

Again thanks for the help.

If you supply $user_data - then you it will be passed in as the last argument to the ForEach function.

If you're thinking, "but i can just use a closure for that", then you're already thinking perlishly.

The C api has user data pointers all over the place, because C doesn't have closures. In perl, you get the option of using a closure or passing different parameters to a single function. You'd choose to use the single function plus user data instead of a closure in a situation in which the closure would introduce a reference cycle. Pretty much any other time, you'd use a closure.

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