Re: Layout problems when getting widgets from glade file

On May 18, 2009, at 12:44 AM, Peter E Dennis wrote:

sub ret_table
     my $table = Gtk2::Table->new(2,9,FALSE);

     # Title Row
     my $lbl_num = Gtk2::Label->new("Num");
     my $lbl_time = Gtk2::Label->new("Time/Session");
     my $lbl_objectives = Gtk2::Label->new("Objectives/Learning
     my $lbl_tasks = Gtk2::Label->new("Activities/Tasks/Content");
     my $lbl_resources = Gtk2::Label->new("Resources");

     my $tcol_sep1 = Gtk2::VSeparator->new;
     my $tcol_sep2 = Gtk2::VSeparator->new;
     my $tcol_sep3 = Gtk2::VSeparator->new;
     my $tcol_sep4 = Gtk2::VSeparator->new;

     # Layout title row
     $table->attach_defaults($lbl_num, 0,1,0,1);
     $table->attach_defaults($tcol_sep1, 1,2,0,1);
     $table->attach_defaults($lbl_time, 2,3,0,1);
     $table->attach_defaults($tcol_sep2, 3,4,0,1);
     $table->attach_defaults($lbl_objectives, 4,5,0,1);
     $table->attach_defaults($tcol_sep3, 5,6,0,1);
     $table->attach_defaults($lbl_tasks, 6,7,0,1);
     $table->attach_defaults($tcol_sep4, 7,8,0,1);
     $table->attach_defaults($lbl_resources, 8,9,0,1);

Are you sure you don't actually want a multicolumn tree view rather than a

It's definitely worth thinking about.  Not getting any closer with my
table.  I will try the tree view instead.

Thank you very much for making me think outside the 'table'. :)

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