Re: Layout problems when getting widgets from glade file

A couple of tips.

1) In glade, in containers ( vbox, hbox ), set the 'homogenous' setting to
'No'. If this is set to 'Yes', then *all* widgets in the container will end
up taking up the same amount of space ( ie as much as the largest widget in
the container ). This setting ends up not looking so good astheticlly, but
it works.

I'm not sure if this has any relevance but in my glade file homogenous
is set to false rather than 'no':
      <property name="homogeneous">False</property>

The table is also created with homogenous as 'false':
    my $table = Gtk2::Table->new(2,9,FALSE);

2) Use multi-line text in labels.

There should be more than enough screen real estate to have single
line labels.  However the separators seem to expand.  Is there a way
to stop these from expanding?  I can do it in glade but I can't find
the command to do it in the code.

3) Use markup such as <small>some text</small> around your labels.

If this *still* doesn't work, post back with a more detailed glade file and
I'll have another look at what you're doing.

I'm not sure what you mean by a more detailed glade file.  The
original glade file and the one attached is simplified as this is
really all I'm trying to do...create a table programmatically and then
add it to a vbox container that is part of a window.

If you could tell me what other information I should be including in
the glade file I'd be happy to add it.

Many thanks for the tips.


Description: application/glade

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