Re: Layout problems when getting widgets from glade file

2009/5/16 Peter E Dennis <peter edwin dennis gmail com>:
What I'm trying to do is to get the program using the glade file to
look like the one that isn't.  I would ideally like to be able to use
glade than hand code the entire gui.

Try setting the default window size for the main window with

Thanks, I tried:
Gtk2::Window::set_default_size($main_window, 5, 5);

I got your manual gui script to give a similar result as your glade
generated version
by including the line.

but I guess your real question is why there is a difference at all?

I don't use glade but I'm guessing it may be automatically setting the
sizes and border widths of the widgets you are writing.

Try adding

$widget_name->$set_size_request( $width, $height );

that is

$vbox1->set_size_request(300, 60);

remembering that it is just a request and may  be ignored.


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