Re: Layout problems when getting widgets from glade file

On Tue, 19 May 2009 23:20:15 +1000, Peter E Dennis
<peter edwin dennis gmail com> wrote:
How do I get my program to cope with different length labels so the
window fits on the screen?

Is anyone able to help me with this?

A couple of tips.

1) In glade, in containers ( vbox, hbox ), set the 'homogenous' setting to
'No'. If this is set to 'Yes', then *all* widgets in the container will end
up taking up the same amount of space ( ie as much as the largest widget in
the container ). This setting ends up not looking so good astheticlly, but
it works.

2) Use multi-line text in labels.

3) Use markup such as <small>some text</small> around your labels.

If this *still* doesn't work, post back with a more detailed glade file and
I'll have another look at what you're doing.


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