Re: Is there anyone out there?

Cowley Harris wrote:
1) Is this project still going?  Doesn't seem to be much (any) emails
coming through on the mailing list.

That strikes me as a rather odd observation.  A quick look at the
mailing list archives ( )
shows a steady stream of messages every month.

When I tried to review the archives I got a 404 error. I used the link
from the Documents page, not the one on the FAQs page.

Oh, dear --- looks like markmail changed the link format.

is what you want, i'll get that updated when i get home this evening.  Thanks
for pointing that out.

I understand that that it is volunteer based project and in a stable
state, but I've just recently invested a lot of time learning what
turned out to be a dead project and would rather not do the same
again. At the same time I wanted to start learning the API and
migrating to Gtk2 as soon as possible.

I think a difference between Tk and Gtk2 is that Gtk2 is based on a modern and
active upstream, while Tk is long stable and, well, kinda ugly by comparison.

For some examples, there doesn't seem to be any recent tutorials
(latest I found with a date was 2006).  The main English version for
Gtk2-perl is half completed and is still in alpha.  The "search the
list archives link" 404s on me. (The one on the documentation page,
not the one I just found on the FAQ page). On the main page, the most
recent news leads to svn, while at you have the message
"All content on this site is obsolete. "

You have to admit, the gnome project's switch to git is practically on the
heels of their switch to subversion.  It took us an embarrassingly long time
to get away from sourceforge cvs.

I'm just pointing out that the sourceforge site has a ghost-town feel
to it.  And as it turns up first on a google search, it could be
off-putting to people who may be migrating from Perl-Tk who are
evaluating the alternatives. I think as I have "new eyes" I'm going to
see the stuff you may be oblivious too.

I think you're right, honestly.  We should knock down the cobwebs.  Please
report any broken links here.

I'm also offering to help out with the documentation as per the Intro.

Excellent.  Patches here.  Start anywhere you like.

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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