Re: Is there anyone out there?

Cowley Harris wrote:
I'm just pointing out that the sourceforge site has a ghost-town feel
to it.  And as it turns up first on a google search, it could be
off-putting to people who may be migrating from Perl-Tk who are
evaluating the alternatives. I think as I have "new eyes" I'm going to
see the stuff you may be oblivious too.

I'm just an occasional user and initially I had many of the same
reactions you did. But the group has been very helpful and now I've
climbed at least part way up the learning curve. Now you're subscribed
to the list you'll soon see the effort that is put into maintenance and

As well as the gtk-perl documentation, you will need to become familiar
with the C documentation, because a lot of the perl docs don't repeat
info that is already in the C docs. Start with the doc links at

Also very helpful is the Python documentation, e.g.
<> which is more extensive and
generally fairly easy to understand in a perl context.

I'm also offering to help out with the documentation as per the Intro.

If there are broken links on the sourceforge site, I'm sure patches
would be welcome, or any other improvements you can suggest.

Cheers, Dave

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