Re: Is there anyone out there?

1) Is this project still going?  Doesn't seem to be much (any) emails
coming through on the mailing list.

That strikes me as a rather odd observation.  A quick look at the
mailing list archives ( )
shows a steady stream of messages every month.

When I tried to review the archives I got a 404 error. I used the link
from the Documents page, not the one on the FAQs page.

Not only is there steady traffic, there are questions being asked and
answered by a healthy mix of new-comers and old-hands.  I've long held
this mailing list to be an excellent example of an open source community
in action.  There are a few key people who really set the tone nicely.

My rationale for making the observation was  that I signed up to the
list a few days ago and didn't get a single email from the list. I was
comparing that to debian mailing lists where I'm getting emails every
quarter hour.
I understand that that it is volunteer based project and in a stable
state, but I've just recently invested a lot of time learning what
turned out to be a dead project and would rather not do the same
again. At the same time I wanted to start learning the API and
migrating to Gtk2 as soon as possible.

That said, I asked if anybody was out there and now I got the answer.

This is an active helpful group and you clearly have not reviewed the resources adequately.

Actually I believe I reviewed the resources in depth, which is was
what also prompted the question.

For some examples, there doesn't seem to be any recent tutorials
(latest I found with a date was 2006).  The main English version for
Gtk2-perl is half completed and is still in alpha.  The "search the
list archives link" 404s on me. (The one on the documentation page,
not the one I just found on the FAQ page). On the main page, the most
recent news leads to svn, while at you have the message
"All content on this site is obsolete. "

I'm just pointing out that the sourceforge site has a ghost-town feel
to it.  And as it turns up first on a google search, it could be
off-putting to people who may be migrating from Perl-Tk who are
evaluating the alternatives. I think as I have "new eyes" I'm going to
see the stuff you may be oblivious too.

I'm also offering to help out with the documentation as per the Intro.



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