Is there anyone out there?

Hi all,

A  few things,

1) Is this project still going?  Doesn't seem to be much (any) emails
coming through on the mailing list.

I'm migrating from Perl-Tk because it seems like a dying project. If
this project is in a similar state could somebody please turn off the
lights so others like myself don't end up wasting time working through
the tutorials,

2) If the Gtk2-perl project still has some life in it, what work is
ongoing for the tutorial? It seems to stop half-way through it. I've
emailed the two guys listed a few days ago, one email seems defunct,
the other is yet to reply. The tutorial is based on the C version that
is about 6-7 years old.

3)If work is still ongoing on the tutorial, is there a date for an
update?, If not, does anybody mind if I continue where the others left
off? Who would I contact to send an updated version?

4)The last notice said that the project has been switch to svn.
However svn has been depreciated on sourceforge. Is there a plan to
change to git?



"that which does not kill us will give us six  more weeks of winter",
Nietzschean Groundhog Theory

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