ofey aikon wrote  on 09/29/2005 04:28 PM:
Looks nifty. I got it running on my debian box smoothly.


Couldn't get it to work on win32. Issue is File::MimeInfo I guess. So
does File::MimeInfo work on win32 without cygwin ? (You have mentioned
the same package in the other email thread).

I am new to that package, but this link suggests otherwise.

Zim does run on win32. I've got one test setup right here. Installing perl, gtk and gtk2-perl with all dll's was tedious but once we had them and also the Module::Build ppm everything worked out. Only problem on win32 is that my fork/exec combo to start a new process doesn't work smoothly, but you only notice that if you try to open the Help window. If you have more debug information please let me know.

File::MimeInfo just issues a warning on win32 if there is no mime database. Although the ticket you reference suggests otherwise there is no reason whatsoever why the mime database could not be packaged for win32, just nobody has done it yet. Mime definitions are not platform specific and F:MimeInfo doesn't die when the database is missing.

We can take this discussion outside the list if it is just specific to

If there are any questions about this module people can mail me personally.

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