Gtk2::SourceView 1.000


Finally, after many months of inactivity - and thanks to Torsten for his
great effort on completing the bindings, we have a Gtk2::SourceView
release.  And a stable release, nonetheless!

Gtk2::SourceView is a Perl module binding the fine GtkSourceView
library; this library allows the creation of source file editors, with
nifty features like syntax highlighting (based on the MIME type of the
stream), bracket matching, line numbering, and much more.  It is used
inside projects like Gedit and MonoDevelop.

This is the first stable release after the (long) beta testing stage,
which lived inside our CVS repository under the Gtk2-SourceView

The 1.000 release is currently available both on SourceForge[1] and on

As always, comments, bugs and patches are welcome.





Emmanuele Bassi - <ebassi gmail com>

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