Re: Problems with installation of Gtk2 on SUSE 9.1

Pih Lung Pang wrote:

Where can I find the latest binary packages/rpm's(for SUSE)??
I could only find the source code from!
I just found this article which talks a bit about it:

This problem you're discovering ... not being able to keep your distro up-to-date ... is the main reason why I moved to Gentoo. Any other distro will become harder & harder to maintain & upgrade, until you finally break something in a major way. Gentoo gives you a smooth upgrade path for all your software, without having to reinstall.

What benefits are there in upgrading to the latest versions of
I'm a database developer, so that's my focus here ...

gtk-2.4 brought a decent combo box widget that allows you to store ID / value pairs in a model attached to the combo. This is essential to database work.

gtk-2.6 brought a GtkCellRendererCombo to treeviews. This is also pretty important for database work. gtk-2.6 also has a GtkCellRendererProgress for cool little progress bars in a treeview.

gtk-2.8 was mainly a change to the Cairo rendering backend. This brings rendering improvements ( antialiased shapes, alpha blending, and other cool things ), but there wasn't a lot in 2.8 in the way of new features for developers. That's not to say that it's not worth upgrading for a desktop system, but developers can easily get away with running 2.6.

That's basically it. Check out and for the 2.4 and 2.6 release announcements for full details.

I continue with Glade-Perl and win32..
I pitty you.
I don't suppose you've managed to build the Gtk2-Perl bindings against gtk-2.6 for Windows?

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