Re: Problems with installation of Gtk2 on SUSE 9.1

On Sep 27, 2005, at 6:21 PM, Pih Lung Pang wrote:

I am trying first to install Gtk+-2.8.3, because that is
Gtk2(correct?) and then Gtk2-Perl.
But I ran into problems, when trying to install the dependencies for
Gtk+-2.8.3: Glib-2.8.2, ATK-1.10.1, Pango-1.10.0, Cairo-1.0.0,
fontconfig-2.3.2 and freetype-2.1.10.

Save yourself a lot of grief; don't try to install gtk+ from source. Use binary packages, instead.

Then Atk-1.10.1
that result in this error:
.. && echo timestamp > s-enum-types-h
/bin/sh: /usr/local/bin/glib-mkenums: -w :bad interpreter : No such file
or directory
make[2]: *** [s-enum-types-h] Error 126
make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/pihl/myPerl/atk/atk-1.10.1/atk'
make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/pihl/myPerl/atk/atk-1.10.1'
make: *** [all] Error 2

It says the glib-mkenums is not there, but it's not true!!

It's not saying that glib-mkenums is not there -- the error message, "/bin/sh: /usr/local/bin/glib-mkenums: -w :bad interpreter : No such file or directory", parses like this:

Error from /bin/sh.
In the script /usr/local/bin/glib-mkenums.
No such file or directory error when trying to use "-w" as the script interpreter.

That is, the shebang line in /usr/local/bin/glib-mkenums is wrong. Since the shell is trying to load "-w" as an interpreter, i'm going to guess that the shebang line looks like this:

  #!  -w

while the original looked like this:

  #! path_to_perl@ -w

where @path_to_perl@ is supposed to be replaced by the proper path to perl, but has been instead replaced with whitespace or an empty string.

I hope that someone can see what the problems is.
I include the rpm list of installed glib,atk packages and part of the
from glib installation.

If you've installed glib already from an RPM, then you have no need to install from source. You need only to ensure that you have the development packages installed as well as the runtimes. (e.g. glib2 and glib2-devel).

configure:4950: checking for perl5
configure:4976: result: /usr/bin/perl
configure:5036: checking for /usr/bin/perl
configure:5069: result: no

This goes along with the hypothesis above, that the path to perl was replaced incorrectly in the shebang line.

Why it would fail like this is beyond me.

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