Re: Programmatically popup a tooltip

* muppet <scott asofyet org> [2005-05-13 18:40]:
That sounds like a recipe for resource starvation.

I know. If you only want to display a couple different tooltips
as in an imagemap, though, it might be workable.

The solution is big changes to the design of tooltips to allow
a widget to participate in the positioning and text content of
a tooltip.

Does it really require a huge design change? Iâd think it is
sufficient to emit a âdisplay-tooltipâ signal from the tooltip
object when itâs about to show a tooltip. The handler would be
passed the âtooltippedâ widget and expected to return a string to
use, or NULL for punting to the default tooltip text assigned for
this widget.

Is there any obvious hole in my thinking that I canât see? It
doesnât seem like this could be very difficult.

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